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Society for Injured Riders (SIR)

Boogie Bash July 30 - August 2, 2021

Assisting motorcycle accident victims & their families

Boogie Bash 2021

Society for Injured Riders (SIR)

Interior BC Association for Injured Motorcyclists

A few words from our Vice- President

About now we, as a BOARD (who would have worked without sleep all Boogie Bash weekend), would be reminiscing about the Bash, all the old and new family faces, all the people that have helped put this Boogie Bash Family reunion on (from people who have been here from the beginning (even I volunteered in the Larry Calvin era) , to those we’ve lost, to all those new faces we would have welcomed to the Bash family this year).

We would be rubbing our blistered feet still but would be smiling at the characters we encountered that made the weekend memorable and at the laughs we had.

I personally want to thank everyone who has ever had a hand in making this Bash a success (from Vancouver to the North, from the East to the West and in between) - everything we do is to help downed riders and their families and that wouldn’t happen without all the help and support we have had. So THANK YOU - we can’t thank you enough. 

Also, if you haven’t ordered any shirts - I have reposted the link - this is how we are trying to raise funds this year - without the Bash, so if you are able to help with that while also getting some kick ass shirts during these crazy COVID times, we would appreciate that. Orders going in next week - (delivery in 2 weeks if we don’t have the stock)

We are looking forward to Seeing you all at next year’s Bash Family Reunion - it can’t get here fast enough in my opinion.

Until then, keep the rubber side down, enjoy the wind and stay safe.

Much love  [❤️]
Monica (V.P.)