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Assisting motorcycle accident victims & their families

Interior British Columbia Association for Injured Motorcyclists

Boogie Bash August 2 - 5, 2019

Interior BC Association for Injured Motorcyclists

A group of Volunteers working hard to assist injured riders and their families in the BC Interior.


The purposes of the Interior British Columbia Association for Injured Motorcyclists Society are:

  • to provide moral and financial assistance to the victim of motorcycle accidents and their families;
  • to organize or assist in organizing motorcycling events in the community or to help publicize events in other areas;
  • to generally promote motorcycle safety, motorcycle awareness and the sport of motorcycling in the region;
  • to work with other community services and service clubs to achieve goals of a common interest;
  • to hold recreational events to raise monies to carry out the purposes of the society; and
  • to further the interests of the motorcycling community generally

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