General Rules

We hate rules but PLEASE help us by adhering to these simple guidelines.

NO DOGS – Well actually no cats, no birds, no animals of any kind are allowed in the fairgrounds area. We realize that you feel if they are in a camper or trailer they are ok, but they are not.

No matter how long you have been coming to Boogie Bash, or your friends of a volunteer or director we absolutely cannot have animals at the Fairgrounds. This includes the front parking lot.

Our rental contract indicates this and in order to continue to have our event at the Rock Creek Fairgrounds we need adhere too this. So please leave your animals at home.

If you need the name of a kennel close to the fairgrounds please message us and we would be happy to provide you with that information.

If you have a service animal they are allowed providing you have the appropriate documents to go with your animal. Service animals must have certified government documents that will be confirmed no exceptions.

NO MINORS – All patrons must have two pieces of ID with them while in the licensed area as per the Liquor Control & Licensing Branch

NO ATVS – Mobility scooters are allowed with prior consent.

NO CAMPFIRES – No campfires in the Kootenay Boundary Forest Region as there is a fire ban in place. You are allowed a portable stove and a portable campfire apparatus as long as the flame does not exceed 15 centimeters.

NO FIREWORKS - Absolutely no fireworks on the fairgrounds.

CIGARETTE BUTTS - Please be respectful of the surroundings and put your cigarette butts in a can or ashtray. Ashtrays have been provided in the licensed area for your convenience.

GLASS CONTAINERS - Please refrain from any glass containers as these facilities are used for other animal related events. Should you have glass containers please place beside the recycle baskets.

QUIET TIME - Quiet time is 1:00am

Questions, Comments, Concerns private message me please or email