Licensed Area Rules

We hate rules but PLEASE help us by adhering to these simple guidelines

  • Licensed Area Rules
  • No outside Liquor to be brought into licensed area
  • Only Liquor purchased in the licensed area to be consumed in the licensed area
  • All Liquor will be opened by Volunteers/Staff
  • Service Times for Licensed Area
    • Friday                    11:00am – 12:30am
    • Saturday              11:00am – 12:30am
    • Sunday                 11:00am – 12:30am


SPECIAL EVENT PERMIT ISSUED UNDER LIQUOR CONTROL AND LICENSING ACT and the following terms and conditions are intended as a supplement to the general terms and conditions laid out in the Special Event Permit Handbook.

  • The Special Event Permittee must ensure that no person will be allowed into the SEP, Special Event Permit, service area at any time with any apparel, or jewelry, of any kind with gang affiliated identification.
  • Any person (including staff, employees, vendors, patrons, entertainers) who reveals gang affiliated identification, or support for any gang or gang activities, – (including tattoos, jewelry and all types of apparel) in the service area, will be removed
  • Signage will be posted in a prominent location at the entrance to the licensed area advising that gang identifiers of any kind, including tattoos, jewelry and clothing are NOT allowed, and any person displaying these items inside will be removed
  • Drinking must cease and all liquor must be removed from patrons within 30 minutes of the end of liquor service.

These Terms and Conditions are from our Permit #165619

Should you have any questions or complaints regarding this permit please contact the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch at 1-866-209-2111